5 Sophisticated Tables Made of Everyday Materials

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Interiors that have a very stark and refined quality are always more friendly and welcoming with the introduction of a rustic element into the decor. Consequently, there has been an ongoing trend with the use of found objects within a space. In the last decade a new generation of products have surfaced that combine both these qualities within one object. The result is absolutely stunning. We love to use these materials in residential or commercial interior design projects.

John Housmand combines elements in such a unique way that the integrity of the natural materials is not lost but rather enhanced by the introduction of man-made components such as glass or acrylic. A thin piece of wood wraps around an acrylic box giving the furniture piece depth and complexity.

If you ever think the wheel cannot be recreated, check out the work of Duffy London, a product design studio in England.  The products they create are unique to say the least, many times creating an optical illusion that begs for a double take.  The abyss table is my personal favorite, where a CNC machine has been used in the most imaginative way to create a three dimensional typography beneath floating blue glass.

Hudson Furniture is known for taking basic resources and fabricating them in the most extraordinary manner.  This little side table brings some bling to a room by its metallic quality and by the juxtaposition of smooth vs. very rough surfaces.

Live edge counters have been all the rage ever since they were installed in iconic public spaces like Nobu restaurant and the W Hotel.  In the River Coffee Table by Greg Klassen, the raw edges are enhanced by a contouring blue glass sandwiched between two irregular sides.  Right angles remain intact at the outer edge of the table, drawing attention to the detail that floats down the center.

Okay, maybe this table is made of a material that is not so “everyday.”  It begs attention nonetheless.  Natural beauties created by volcanic rock, this agate side table brings an elegance from the unique combination of colors that swirl together.  The industrial base of the table mirrors the jagged edge of the agate slices, contrasting with the smooth, glass-like quality of the top surface.