6 Elements that Make a Bachelor Pad Woman Friendly

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Requested by our friends, here is a special post on how to make a bachelor pad design work for the lady in your life.

1.       Pairing Dark elements with materials that glimmer.

In this interior design project, dark woods combine with glass tile in this master bath.

2.       Adequate lighting in bathrooms.

Most women require a significant amount of light to get ready.  Make sure that your bathroom design account for this! We love the lighting in this residetal intterior design project.

3.       Closet Space and PLENTY of it.   

Most individuals prefer to have their own space for their clothing.  If storage is limited as it was in this condo, consider adding custom built-in closets to increase the space while providing the necessary separation.

4.       Dedicated Dining Area

While today many people dine in non-traditional ways (ahem, in front of the television.) most women like to have the ability to serve guests a sit-down dinner.  Even if the chairs are often moved to the living area for hosting the guys, it is nice to at least have the option of a more formal dining room design that works beautiful as a place to eat.

5.       Fishing, Beer, and Sports Team paraphernalia at a minimum

All of these items can be incorporated into an interior in a tasteful way.  The key is to be strategic and remember this is a home, not a frat house. 

6.       NO cheesy black leather couches.

This is the quintessential mark of a bachelor pad, but if you work with a designer there are many alternates to this overused cliche!