Practice Safe Design, Use a Concept

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As cheeky as this sounds, a mood board is truly crucial to our projects.  We are concept designers in that every project in which we participate starts with a big idea, or mood board.  This drives our conversations, material selection, and large scale architectural movements within a space.

This concept for a local medical center healthcare design was driven by the ideas of healing, nurture and nature: 

We make sure the clients are happy with a mood board before continuing with the project.  I consider the mood board the ‘springboard’ from which all ideas for the project jump.  Here is a mood board for a hospitality space within a local church.  This is a mood board used for the public areas of a pastoral/ administrative wing of a church.  The client was drawn to the industrial quality of the RH brand but wanted the interior to be both inviting for guests and efficient for the church’s volunteers. 

The mood board above, along with the church’s marketing collateral drove the design decisions and this was the final result: 

Mood boards are used for even the smallest of renovations like this one for a master bathroom. The client wanted an updated look, specifically a freestanding tub with a finish change in the shower to set it apart and add some color to the existing neutral bathroom:

This is a mood board for a home renovation where we designed the master bedroom, master bathroom, living room and dining room.  The client was drawn to both neutral spaces and those that used a combination of blue and orange accents.   We used a neutral palette for the more intimate spaces and the bolder palette for the public areas. You can check out final images of this project here.

For color inspiration, Design Seeds is an excellent website.  We used this website as a resource for this board.  What kind of space do you dream about?  Do you have a concept in mind before you get started on renovations or do you just wing it?