Disconnecting for Doers: A Business Owner’s Guide

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Many people tease me about my inability to stay still, as I am a “doer” and prefer taking action above talking and contemplating a task.

Being an interior designer requires a lot of passion, trust and collaboration. The many details that go into our projects also make letting go a challenging task.  So this should come as no surprise, as with with many designers, being a little control freakish is totally the norm.  Now, add running your own interior design company to the mix and you have a recipe for getting burned out very fast.

I certainly know that we are not promised tomorrow and you must live your dreams, not ponder them.  One of those dreams for me is spending more quality time with my family.  

Here are the three key things that help me disconnect:  

  1. Straightforward communication with my outstanding team.  The ‘outstanding team’ part of that sentence holds the most  weight. Great people who are trustworthy make the life of a business owner that much easier. Make sure you pick the right people to help you deliver on your grand vision.
  2. Integrating a project management app into the team workflow. Our choice is Trello, a to-do app that allows multiple team members to comment, upload file attachments, create checklists and add due dates.  It is a cloud based way for your email box not to get bogged down with sharing files and tasks that tend to go back and forth within a team.  
  3. Preparing clients with transparency.  In the weeks leading up to my trip I contact clients and let them know when I will be away.  I ask them to let me know if there is anything that needs to be taken care of before the trip or if they want to schedule a meeting in the weeks following it.  This process allows for peace of mind on both ends and prevents any chances of miscommunication.

How do you disconnect?