3 Key Elements for Every Relationship

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It’s the ‘month of love’ but instead of talking about the lovey-dovey stuff, I’d like to talk about the other necessary aspects of relationships, namely strength, energy, and empathy.

Strength is necessary for a relationship because no matter if it’s an employee, a colleague, friend, client, loved one, or spouse there will come a time when courageous conversations are required.  Those kinds of discussions take STRENGTH.  Then there are those low points in life, the big tests, that invariably need you to be strong for others, however difficult the situation.  Conversely, there will also be times when you will need to call upon others for their strength.  Honest resolve takes strength.  Clear communication and the ability to do what may not come naturally to you may be required.  Relationships, at least the good ones, take work and are worth fighting for, and showing strength will make it all the better and worth the while.

Energy is equally important in forming a bond.  It takes constant effort to foster a relationship and it takes ongoing action to keep it strong. If there is someone you value in your life, you reach out, check in and follow up.  All of these actions require energy. When you consider those in your life that are extra special, many times it’s because they’ve gone “above and beyond” or shown more energy and enthusiasm than others.  These efforts must not be taken for granted but instead acknowledged so people know that you appreciate their time and energy.

Last but certainly not least, empathy is a key aspect that I believe is necessary for relationships.  This word is so important to us at Jewel Toned Interiors that it is one of our core values. During our interview process, we specifically ask questions to see if candidates value this virtue. Albert Einstein said it brilliantly, “Any fool can know.  The point is to understand.”  What I believe this world needs is more understanding, more empathy.  When I was at the University of Florida and considering staying for a Master’s degree in Interior Design my thesis was based on this concept.  I wanted to teach students accessible design through a hand’s on experience.  As Interior Designers we can often go through the motions and follow the codes but it is imperative that we also understand why we must do that.  Accessibility must be at the forefront of design, not a box that gets checked on a code checklist, and most definitely not an afterthought. 

What key factors do you think are necessary for a healthy relationship?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!