Women of Value

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I have three precocious daughters and five dynamic sisters.  I am also fortunate enough to be very close to a group of girls from college with bonds so strong you’d think we’d known each other since birth. And of course, last but certainly not least, there are the gems of my life, the Jewel Toned Interiors team of six strong and energetic women who I feel incredibly blessed to work alongside. I think it’s safe to say that I am attracted to strong women like a moth to a flame. 

March is the month of both my birthday and my wedding anniversary but it is also the month of International Women’s Day (March 8th!)

So what constitutes A Woman of Value? I’d say she needs to have both social grace and some gumption, meaning she knows when to keep her opinions to herself and when to speak up and stand up for her beliefs.  She values collaboration over competition and strives to lift other women up, never intentionally knocking them down.  A Woman of Value has pride in being female yet is not a man-basher. Instead, she values the opposite sex and gives all walks of life respect. These women appreciate inspiration over admiration. I hope I can look back on these precious days, leading other women while trying to raise my own daughters as Women of Value and say “job well done!” The proof will be in the pudding and the ingredients of that pudding will be how these women thrive in the future because they have all attributes and qualities mentioned above.

Tell us about someone you know that is a Woman of Value in your life. We are using the entire month to highlight and celebrate women whose virtues we not only admire but aspire to mirror.