Waking Up Your Wanderlust in 2018

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There are so many incredible people among us with inspiring stories to share! It’s time to introduce….the JTI Guest Blogger series!!  Each month we’ll be featuring a new guest who will share their own stories and challenges while offering guidance to you, our readers. Sharing their story with our audience takes reflection, courage, and trust and we couldn’t be more grateful that they’ve carved out the time to dedicate to our efforts. We believe these individuals are beyond amazing, and we hope you agree. This month’s guest blogger is Kylie Belli, a travel blogger that has over 40 countries under her belt and counting. She offers traveling tips and guidance that is sure to spark your wanderlust! 

The innate desire to travel has run through our bones since the dawn of time. Before planes, train and automobiles, wandering is something that we have always done. If your 2018 plans are to roam the earth, seek out new experiences and adventures, completely go for it. The ability to travel is within your realm if it is what you so crave.

We began to wander the earth as soon as we could walk — we moved, foraged, explored and settled. Today, wandering has become much easier since the existence of first world travel and our beloved social media. We have realized how easy it is to jump ship and travel across the pond for a few days. 

So you are reading this and saying to yourself — yeah it does look easy, but there is absolutely no way for me to go right now – think again. Wanderlust is simply a state of mind — you can bring that desire to your backyard and still experience the euphoria that is happening within. Visit the cafe down the street that you keep promising yourself you are going to stop by, take a recommendation from your coworker to spend a day at the art museum two hours away, look for the flight to anywhere that is $100 or less — seek out what you want. 

If your heart beats for faraway destinations, pay close attention to swindling websites that offer error fares on flights, hotel rooms, cruises, and experiences. Traveling is not always meant to be luxurious, it is sometimes meant to be a journey. Each journey has a different timestamp and price tag – don’t be afraid to explore your options.

There are many different pathways on this planet, you have planted your feet on your intended route — let your wanderlust reset and reroute your path in 2018. Travel is happening all around you all the time. Set your mind to prosper and move in the direction you desire this decade! Manifest the wanderlust you wish to achieve and create it. 

Kylie Belli is a travel blogger and all around nomadic expert. She has visited over forty countries and is still counting. Follow her blog at www.Ohmyitskye.com to spark the wanderlust within your heart and www.Soooboca.com to see whats going on around South Florida at all times! All photos have been taken and produced by Ohmyitskye.