JTI Illuminated This Year’s Festival of the Trees

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What a great way to kick off the Holiday spirit by participating in FIU Interior Architecture’s Festival of the Trees event! This year marked the 32nd anniversary of the iconic event at the Moore Building in Miami’s Design District. This event supports FIU’s Interior Architecture program (two of our Gems, Suzette + Alejandra, are FIU Alumni’s!)
and this year raising over $350,000!

So what is FOT? Do you make actual trees? Kinda… Each design firm is required to have a sponsor who helps fund their very unique “tree” design. We were sponsored this year by Lighting Dynamics, a partner of JTI’s and a well-known lighting distributor in the design industry. BMC services also helped support our design by helping us during
the fabrication process.

The theme for 2018 was “Connecting the Dots: Design, People and Places”. We wanted to construct a dynamic piece that artfully displayed the paths that individuals take and how when you collide a connection is made. We refer to this unanticipated occurrence as serendipity. Each “tree” is displayed on its own pedestal and judges select their favorite
“tree” based on specific categories. After the design firms are awarded the “trees” are auctioned off for additional fundraising.

This year’s event was amazing and we were so excited to be honorably mentioned by the judges as Most Illuminating! Read below the full concept narrative for our “tree”: Serendipity is the interaction of people, places and design. We are taught that a dot becomes a line, and lines combine to create planes. Envision these planes as paths. Often a path leads you to an unanticipated place. Individual paths intersect, creating serendipity.  These serendipitous moments are represented by lit translucent planes that touch, introducing a shift in light. At the point these planes connect, a new relationship is created and the original path is altered. 

Shift your viewpoint to discover a new path.

Although serendipity is a chance occurrence, we are very intentional in our desire and effort to take part in supporting this FIU event. We discovered our rock star, Alejandra, through this University and we are honored to be involved in its growth of dynamic design students. We are confident next year will be even bigger and better!

Happy Holidays,