Creative Interior Design within Budget Constraints


‘Value Engineering’, what a term! This ‘phrase’ or ‘term’ is used after the design concept is approved, the plans sent to the GC, and the cost of build-out has been established. As a team we strive to be strategic with the location of higher-priced materials and allocate, if necessary the use of lower-cost materials in a very creative way, inevitably this exercise is done on almost every project. This requires a significant number of hours on our end as we research alternatives and sometimes even adjust the overall architectural movements within a space. 

This time and effort on all parties involved is why budget parameters are so important and established at the onset of a project. Sometimes it’s almost as though clients think we’ll expand the design to fit the budget but this is not the case. Instead, these financial constraints tell us which manufacturers and vendors to consider and, in some cases, eliminate some options of manufacturers completely.  In any project, there are three key elements: Quality, Time, and Cost, which in turn results in efficiency.

We are dedicated to producing extraordinary results so the only two factors with any wiggle room are time and cost. If the client is willing to phase out the project to allow for more capital to be raised then time is flexible. Conversely, if the time is not a flexible factor, cost is the only thing that can be adjusted.  There are so many options for every product type available in the design industry. Ironically when you deal with very high-end luxury pieces it is often more cost effective to work with custom fabricators instead of going straight buy-out.  Besides the pricing, another upside is that furniture or a lighting piece can be made to exact specifications both in color and size.

We are very intentional about adding value in our relationships with clients and vendors.  Consequently, we endeavor to come to a design solution that not only brings them satisfaction in our creative capabilities but also use our abilities to solve problems.  It is imperative that we deliver a space that provides pride of ownership yet also fits within a client’s financial constraints.