Empowering Yourself to Reach Your Dreams

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Is the voice in your head holding you back from starting your own business or reaching your dreams in your career? Executive Business Coach Kelly Townsend explains how quieting your mind can be your path to success.

People say being a self-starter is one of the keys needed to work for yourself and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit. If you’ve ever thought of owning your own business or leading a team in your organization,  what is it that holds you back? Most people will say they don’t have enough money, they can’t take the risk because of family or personal circumstances, they can’t lead, or they don’t have the expertise. Then there’s the fear of failure, which keeps so many of us from realizing our dreams. If you ask me, it’s not these circumstances that hold most people back, it’s the conversations we have in our head. I really believe any-one can be a self-starter and a leader. The problem is, we hear and consider these circumstances as the truth about who we really are.


People often describe themselves as being shy, outgoing, lazy, or even procrastinators, as if it’s the truth. Sure, you might have those tendencies from time to time, but is that what defines you? I coach people from the world of what is possible, rather than from the defeating conversations which get in the way, limit what is possible and shape a person’s future. You see, we all have moments when we failed to be as great as we could be; and that voice in our head will keep reminding us of those moments. What stops most of us from achieving our dreams is that we believe the voice in our head, the voice of criticism and doubt. So what do you need to do? Stop listening and start dreaming! What do you love to do? What’s your passion? How can you have your interests make a difference for you and others in the form of a business or leader? Start brainstorming and creating with friends and coworkers who support you in your endeavor.

It is so important to share with people what you are up to and interested in because it gets this conversation out of your head and into the world. Your thoughts get you closer to reality. What’s more, the people around you can be great resources. They can share personal experiences or connect you to others who might be able to forward your dream. Make a plan once you have your dream, take time to create a vision for your life, what you want, and how you’re going to get there. My clients tell me that preparing a well-thought-out game plan makes a big difference. When you know exactly what pathways to take, you’ll be that much closer to finding success. Don’t forget to create accomplishments along the way and even reward yourself when you reach milestones. It’s inevitable that there will be obstacles and breakdowns along the way. Don’t let them be a roadblock. Once again, the voice in your head might try to tell you that you can’t succeed. Don’t listen to the reasons, stories, and explanations in your head.


Just continue to do what you have committed to do Now is the time to start, because now is all you ever have. Look out! Another entrepreneur or leader is born.

Kelly Townsend owns Townsend Consulting, an executive coaching and consulting firm. She travels the world helping
businesses and employees empower and improve themselves. Kelly is also a sought-after speaker on business development.