Personal Growth

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Phew! Where did the first quarter go?! It’s almost Spring which in South Florida isn’t much different from winter but we bring out the florals and try to do a little spring cleaning or purging. Though cleaning and purging can be very satisfying, it makes way for the new and allows for space to be created and that space allows for growth.

Just as Spring introduces the blossoming of flowers and plant life, I’m referring to the introspective: the development of personal growth. Wouldn’t you like to live a life of abundance? I know I sure would! I desire a life of abundant love, abundant understanding, AND abundant growth.  However, to have that kind of transformation we must be comfortable with evolution. That sounds super scary.  However, there is no growth in comfort. You must shake things up, challenge routines, and question your daily habits to grow.

God is by far the most talented artist and consequently, nature is a huge inspiration for designers.  It’s obvious to see how nature can be a muse because of its bounty, but I also find it mesmerizing because of its transformation.  It is truly ever-changing. You will never see the same sunset for more than two days in a row.  An average tree sheds more than 200,000 leaves a year. A healthy iguana sheds its skin every 4-6 weeks during the summer.  A snake sheds its skin two to four times per year. 
If God made all these creatures to be intrinsically transformational don’t you think he desires that for you? I think so!

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you sick of the drudgery of your everyday? Well then, change it! You possess the power to live a life of abundance. It is inside you, just get out of your comfort zone.