Baby-Proofing with Flair

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Remember the freedom of “pre-kids” decor? When sharp corners were not an issue and small accessories could be any material we wanted?
As a proud mother of a two-year-old, I realized early on in my motherhood journey that I needed to create an environment where I could encourage
my daughter to be a child without sacrificing my interior design preferences. When babies start gaining mobility, our homes become the new playground to explore. Though I am a firm believer that baby proofing your home can be stylish, staying true to your design aesthetic can be a bit challenging at times. Keeping the safety of our little ones in mind does not mean we have to cover every corner with foam or transform the living room into a playroom. With the following tips you’ll be able to keep your kids safe without sacrificing your style:


Kids love art! Often in their minds, there is no better surface to express their talents than the walls. That is why wipe-able paint is a great option to accentuate a room without the fear of having to repaint the entire wall if an accident happens. Finishes like eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss can be cleaned up with a sponge and water.


It is amazing to see how much storage babies need. Think about all the diapers, baby clothes, toys, and ohh those beautiful oversized toys that are educational, but also invade half of your living room. When preparing to welcome your bundle of joy, consider furniture that does double the work. For instance, dressers provide storage but if needed, they can also be adjusted to serve as a changing table. Use side tables that include drawers and benches with built-in storage to manage and organize the unwanted clutter. Once babies gain mobility every corner in our home becomes a hazard. In your living room, opt for coffee tables with rounded edges
or oversized ottomans with a tray top.


Babies are free and careless. They don’t care if they are wiping their hands with a towel that cost $3.00 or your velvet sofa. If you have a preference for
upholstered furniture, try using cleanable, stain-repellent fabrics. Nowadays the options are countless and you won’t have to sacrifice beauty over function. There are also other forgiving options such as leather, performance velvet, and Ultrasuede that will nurture your design style and won’t limit your child to freely enjoy their home as well.


Accessories make or break the design of a home. When the safety of your child is a priority, just remember that everything that is smaller than a golf ball is a choking hazard. Accessorize with books, pillows, and blankets for a pop of color. Make sure breakable or sharp accessories are out of reach from the little ones and placed on higher shelves. Also, remember to select forgiving, easy to clean rugs that will accentuate your home while keeping your babies happy. Avoid using silk rugs as they will require professional
cleaning services if an accident happens.

Having a beautiful home without limiting our kids is not impossible. It should actually be fun and fulfilling. Being a mom has taught me to see things differently. I see opportunities to use items in a different way.  I also enjoy making parents aware of the myriad possibilities of creating beautiful, functional spaces for their kids to enjoy as well.