Father Knows Best: Find What Motivates You.

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When my youngest daughter, Jaclyn, asked me to write “ a little something for Father’s Day “ for her company’s blog, I said of course. What Dad says no to his little girl? So my first thought was about my dad, who immigrated from Hungary. He spoke no English and worked so hard as a general contractor all his life to give me and our family every  chance to succeed. He showed us what family, honesty and a persistent work ethic is. He gave me the chance to be the first in our family to go to college and pursue my architectural degree to become an architect and general contractor. Go Gators! 

The fact that family was his motivation warmly washed over me with each of my three children’s births. Being present during all births also showed me that moms should be most remembered and celebrated on our birthdays. My wife and I also believe, for over the past thirty years , God has planned the amazing changes parents get to share with our children. We always pray for their health and safety. When they are babies we dream that they find a joyful purpose in life and someone to love them as we do.

We dressed them all in little Gator outfits as babies, took them to Gator games, and touted how great it was to be part of the Gator Nation. I enthusiastically supported my wife who made sure they became excellent well-rounded students. It was such a great joy to see each of them graduate as a Gator and pursue jobs they enjoy today.

I think of my dad on Father’s Day looking down smiling and that makes me happy too. The best thing for Father’s Day is to be blessed with a loving family.

John Szerdi is the President / Founder / Architect / LEED AP at LDG FLA