The WHY behind Jewel Toned Interiors

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Recently it was brought to my attention how important it is to be clear on your “WHY.”  Not necessarily why to work with Jewel Toned Interiors but “WHY” was it created?  For me, I saw a disparity between the experiences I had encountered in the design industry and the possibility of what could exist. My “WHY” is broken down into three little words: TO GROW CREATIVITY! These three words can further be defined in three different areas of service:  our studio consisting of the in-house JTI team,
our community which is defined by both the region and our industry, as well as our clients, the true individuals, and businesses that allow all the other areas to take place. 

The environments I worked within prior to JTI were highly stressful, very competitive, and burned me out more times than I like to remember, I knew there had to be a different way. I believed that project deadlines could be met, providing profits while also allowing the people working towards them to have fulfilling lives outside the office. So, when I took the plunge from check receiver to check writer, I knew I wanted to create an innovative design studio. My heart’s desire was to create a studio environment centered on collaboration, one that facilitated its
team members to support one another instead of competing against their fellow colleagues.

Another caveat of working for an organization is not being able to join community organizations.  As a working mom, office work and volunteer work need to happen during the workday so that nights and weekends can be reserved for quality time with the family.  It was also important to me to mentor young designers to use their time and talent for good.  I believe that creativity can grow like wildfire if the flame is fanned.

Another important aspect of my “WHY” was to encourage younger designers to find outlets in which their skill set could further our regional community whenever our schedule and financial position allow.

Not the least of these, my “WHY” encompassed clients, as I believe the spaces we create have a real effect on the day to day lives of their users.  Commercial spaces have the ability to inspire, in turn encouraging creativity in those that experience the projects we create.  As our culture is very busy and many people need to unplug and relax, the residential spaces we design have the ability to provide a haven that allows the day-to-day stress to dissipate, in turn fostering creativity for the homeowners.

If you are an entrepreneur in any capacity, I’d love for you to dwell in your “WHY” and share it with us here at JTI.  We strive to be intentional in all our actions and I believe you will be surprised and encouraged by what you discover in this exercise.