Interior Design, Not an Afterthought

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When should I hire an Interior Designer?  One of the biggest misconceptions of our industry is that an Interior Designer gets involved late in the process after a permit has been received. This is what the key difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator. While an Interior Decorator affects the surface of a space with furniture and furnishes, an Interior Designer collaborates with the architectural team including engineers and estimators to manipulate the space, allowing an interior to be truly transformed.

You should hire an Interior Designer as soon as you’re sure you want to move forward with a new space.  Sometimes this means before a building is even secured. We’ve had many clients come to us to create the possibility of a “perfect” program, one that functions more efficiently than their current layout. We’ve also helped clients dodge the proverbial bullets of very challenging spaces that don’t lend themselves to the developed program or for their company’s growth.

You don’t want a space where design is an afterthought, a more holistic approach is to get a designer on board when you have the ideas and
they can help push the boundaries of a space to design an interior that’s incredibly efficient, productive and aesthetically pleasing all at once.