Interior Designers Aren’t For Everyone

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This is a piggyback blog to another post about when to hire an Interior Designer.  You may not be the right client for Jewel Toned Interiors and conversely, we may not be the right design professional for you.

If you’re wanting to move your existing furniture around and add decorative pieces, you should google the term Interior Decorator. You will be paying a fraction of the cost of working with an Interior Designer as they don’t require the same amount of education and/or certification.

The most significant distinction between these two terms is that Interior Designers have the ability to affect the health, safety and welfare of the public while Interior Decorators do not. Since a misconception exists between these two terms, many Interior Design programs at universities have begun referring to their programs as Interior Architecture instead of Interior Design.

Another clear difference is that Interior Designers have an understanding of the mechanical and structural requirements of a building while an Interior Decorator will only be able to affect the aesthetics of the surfaces and/or furnishings of a space.

To learn more about what it means to be an “Interior Designer” you can read more here.