Sketching: Is It a Lost Art?


Absolutely NOT!  We believe ideas flow more smoothly from hand to paper than through a machine.  Since it’s 2019, projects are presented via a digital
format but we always begin our basic ideas on trace paper and with a flair pen. We start with sketching bubble diagrams. These are high-level ideas of locations of space and what areas of the interior need to be adjacent. We pay close attention to unique situations like the location of natural light or the adjacency to the main entry. These rough drawings allow us to plan out how to layer areas within a space.

After bubble diagrams, we shift gears to sketching initial ideas to scale as a furniture plan.  We include notes about what’s happening vertically within the space and focal elements so that we can talk through our rudimentary design ideas with the team.

Sketching on the fly is extremely beneficial for working out issues on the spot with our clients. We also use this technique to communicate and problem solve during our final phase, Construction Administration. A picture’s worth a thousand words, when we put pen to paper we’re able to communicate our ideas quicker and more efficiently than through verbal explanation.