Three Ways To Crush Creator’s Block

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As creative beings, we encounter bouts of frustration or “stuckness” when the struggle and effort to work through a challenge is higher than normal.
This feeling can occur in a heated debate with a colleague or loved one, or when trying to write or design a new work of art.  


It may sound trite but two heads really are better than one.  We always share drafts and process work with each other before showing the final product to a client. The sum of the whole is much greater than the addition of each individual part because we push and challenge one other to create new possibilities that may not have existed for one person.


If you’re overwhelmed with finding a solution to a problem, try disconnecting from it completely. Go ahead and diffuse an essential oil that brings mental clarity. We’re big proponents of diffusing essential oils, they are small but mighty plant extracts that pack a powerful punch.

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Get up and walk around. Getting your blood flowing not only serves your physical self but it also vastly improves your mental capacity.  That’s why exercise can help significantly in stress reduction. We’ve had many corporate clients request fitness centers and/or treadmill desks within their space. Another new request is to incorporate the ability for walking meetings within their environment. Why don’t you suggest that your next meeting be an active one?