WELL Buildings? Did You Mean Well-Being?

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If you haven’t heard, there’s a buzz in the construction industry surrounding the term, “WELL Building”. You’re probably saying, doesn’t she mean well-being? Nope, WELL Building is an exciting way to approach building design while considering how it affects the livelihood of its users.

The WELL Building Standard explores how design, operation, and behavior within the spaces we live, work, and play can be optimized to advance our well-being. WELL, v1 is a flexible building standard with seven core concepts of health and hundreds of features that truly represents the future of architecture and interior design.

When registering a project through the WELL Building process, there are seven identifiers of which you must qualify before being awarded the WELL building certification.

Air – promoting clean air within a building and reducing indoor pollution.

Water- advocating for clean water with routine testing and accurate filtration techniques.

Nourishment – encouraging mindful eating with access to whole foods and reducing the availability of processed ingredients.

Light – enhancing productivity with views to the outdoors and minimize disturbing a person’s natural circadian rhythm.

Fitness – incorporating daily physical activities and urging those to live an active lifestyle.

Comfort – correcting interior environments with consideration of ergonomic, acoustic, and thermal comfort.

Mind – designing space utilizing technology that promotes emotional well-being. 

It’s not too late to consider the WELL certification for your renovation project. It can be applied to existing buildings such as retail space, offices,
residences, restaurants, and more!

Want to learn more about the value of WELL and how to become a WELL Accredited Professional?

Visit the International Well Building Institutes website.