It’s Not All About the Benjamins for Us.

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In the early days of JTI, I said yes to every job opportunity that came my way. It was about 18 months ago that I was working on Jewel Toned Interiors, not in the company. When reviewing our workload and our financials, I realized, this is not working. Since then, we’ve had to turn down some projects that didn’t fit our core intentions. Even if we don’t take on a project, we try our best to point that client in the right direction, to someone who can adequately serve them.

Sometimes a project isn’t right for us based on the scope. Although we are able to enhance a space by providing decoration or styling services, we do not have the ability to transform a space in that capacity. Other times, a client comes to us too late in the game. If the project has already gone through permitting and the materials and furniture are all that’s left to be selected we are very limited in scope. Here’s a timeline that shows when it’s best to hire an interior designer:

When we take on projects that don’t fit within the parameters we’ve established, we are doing both our existing clients and our staff a disservice. We’re also prevented from serving other new clients that do move the needle forward. It’s not about the dollars for us; we want to be economical with our time, getting the biggest bang for our buck with our efforts. Consequently, we are very intentional about which projects we chase and which we ultimately sign.

This little elevator pitch shares who our ideal clients are and when they hire us:

Commercial Business Owners and Developers hire JTI at the beginning of a project because successful executives understand the value that comes with engaging an Interior Designer early. We design and deliver stunning architectural interiors while fostering a collaborative, innovative, and fun working environment.  As strategic creatives, we have the ability to take projects from initial concept through completion.