Doing the Most Good

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This week has been a hectic one but in such a good way!  It’s been a week of celebration for many of the ministries my business partner and I serve!

Many smiles and some happy tears were shed at the various events and my heart is bursting a bit witnessing the lives that have been changed by the work of these amazing organizations.   It’s truly an honor to support them and be even a tiny part of their story of hope.

The message of Taylor’s Closet and their BLOOM program.

On Tuesday we attended the Ladies who Love dinner for Taylor’s Closet. 

Their office and event space is so lovely!

We had the chance to spend some quality time with some of the girls who have gone through their Bloom program and we learned about new ways to support Taylor’s Closet. 

I enjoyed getting to know Manuela, one of their longest standing volunteers.

It was a night of delicious food, wonderful conversations, and encouragement.

This year we installed roof trusses, much different than the painting or drywall installation of previous years!

Wednesday afternoon the Habitat for Humanity house that we helped build in Delray was dedicated and the homeowners were given the keys. 

Women Builders RAISING THE ROOF!! (literally)
Mother Ilomane and daughter Jessie.
Our team captain, Robin Raphael of RCC Associates, we love partnering with this women owned construction business both in the for-profit and the non-profit space!

I was able to pick my daughter Isla up early from school so she could witness this special moment with me and Jaclyn.

What a wonderful moment!

It was so moving, to see the joy on the faces of Ilomane and Jessie, two women we fell in love with during our process of fundraising and building earlier this year. 

You might have recognized the title of this blog; it’s the slogan for the Salvation Army! This morning we celebrated all the good work that the Broward County Salvation Army is up to.  It’s so encouraging to hear from someone whose life was changed by the Army.  We’re participating in the Angels Tree again this year since last year was so much fun.  We’ll be collecting gifts for children over the next few weeks and we’ll volunteer to hand them out to over 1500 Broward County families in December. 

Please contact Jasmine at if you’re interested in helping us in any of these efforts!