How are you levering LinkedIn to up your “Prospecting Game?”

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Business owners are always looking for better results in increasing their bottom line. At Connections for Business, I lead all business development efforts. I have always looked for better and more effective ways to position our company to win. Producing the highest probability of winning. Yes winning! Who doesn’t like winning?

As painful as this may be to say, since I’m a huge Miami Dolphins fan, I have tremendous respect for Bill Belichick. He has a remarkable history of producing wins and winners. If you take a hard look, it’s not rocket science. It’s his system followed by discipline and process. Yes, process, “Trust in the process”.

 This leads me to my next series of questions for you:

How are you elevating your prospecting game in leveraging LinkedIn?

Have you defined your target market? 

Are you blocking your calendar for designated LinkedIn time?

Have you added the LinkedIn Process to your Sales Playbook?

Here is a quick case study in how LinkedIn was a key component to our success in closing business: 

I received a call from Mike Alexander, an independent IT contractor. Referred to us by Cliff Payne of Greyson Technologies, Mike’s wife worked for a local company in need of IT Managed Services. Mike’s job was to interview us to discover if we were a good fit for his wife’s company. Through my process, I was able to uncover the decision makers at the new company.

From there I could start my LinkedIn process. While researching the company and CEO, I found that Joy Lynskey of Jewel Toned Interiors is connected to the CEO. I asked Joy if she knew of the company and the CEO Danny Garcia. She did, quite well and made a fantastic introduction which elevated our game.

Now they are a client.

Thank you to the players (Cliff & Joy) for helping us. Not by putting points on the board, but in helping us become victorious!

Erik Chafin is the Business Development Manager at Connections for Business where he helps business owners take the burden of IT off their shoulders so they can focus on what most important to them, growing their business.