Design Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere

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Thailand is an amazing source of design inspiration. This past April my husband and I had the privilege of taking a full two weeks’ vacation.
The food, people, and culture were out of this world and I was drawn to the colors, textures, and designs that Thailand embodies.

We started our trip in the fast-paced city, Bangkok. Packed with layered sky rises and colorful Tuk Tuks.

Next, we flew to Chiang Mai, a Northern city in Thailand rich in history.

Our bed and breakfast, The Goldenbell Hotel, was quaint with a beautiful tiled pool and warm earthy finishes.

Our favorite part of the trip was the Elephant Nature Park , an elephant rehabilitation and rescue center. Witnessing these beautiful creatures roam freely was incredible and humble.

A spicy egg noodle curry full of flavor called Khao Soi was the best food of our trip.

After Chiang Mai we flew to Phuket and jutted around the islands. Experiencing the slow paced culture and beautiful oceans was breathtaking.

Our favorite hotel was the Casa De Mar in Koh Samui, a reference provided by my close friend Lindsay. The lush hanging plants and the serene infinity pool was captivating, leading your eyes and energy to the ocean water.

Getting away from your on the go schedule and living in the moment was rejuvenating, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Even more so, being with who you love and surrounded by a gorgeous setting made the trip unforgettable. You’ll find design elements in upcoming JTI projects inspired by my Thailand influence. Where have you found inspiration lately?