Imagine and Anticipate

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Functionality and beauty are the two pillars of architecture and design. There is no doubt that creating a space that works is equally as important as what it looks like on the surface, interior, or exterior. Quality finishes, skilled craftsmen, and industry partners that are just as excited about the finished product as the designers themselves are also key factors in the success of a project. 

I have a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institutes. When I stepped into my career, I was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm I had when I stumbled into the sales and distribution side of the industry- working for various companies that manufacture or distribute different building materials. From concrete roof tile to porcelain flooring, to natural and manufactured stone, I have been involved in projects from the top, down- literally.

But, I am a designer first and a salesperson second. The main importance of saying this is that I pay close attention to who I’m working for and what they stand for. I want to feel confident in the people and products I’m representing and the value I aim to bring to my customers and their clients. Oftentimes, I am amongst former classmates, mentors, professors, and I want to be a trusted, reliable resource.

When I was presented with a new opportunity to work for Cosentino just over a year ago, I quickly saw all of the value and substance that they bring to the table. A global, family-owned company from the Southern part of Spain, Cosentino is a leader in architectural surfaces for both residential and commercial projects. “Imagine and Anticipate” is the mission statement that drives their creative vision and paves the way for innovation and technological advancement. State of the art design and cutting edge technology has allowed them to create product lines that are aesthetically
pleasing but also fully functional. They have programs that meet the needs of national home builders, commercial contractors, residential designers, kitchen and bath showrooms, amongst other segments. They understand that it’s not just a “one size fits all.”

Cosentino invests in quality but more importantly, they invest in their people. As they have grown and expanded into over 80 countries and 5 continents, they have been able to provide opportunities for others to share in their successes. Each year they roll out new incentives and benefits for their employees to show their continued appreciation.  In business, it is important to have an understanding that the greatest return you will receive is when you invest in your people.

Jamie Trotter is the new VP of Programs for the NKBA South Florida chapter and an Architect + Design Sales Manager at COSENTINO, The Palm Beaches