The Symbiotic Relationship of Architecture + Interior Design

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We’re often asked, “when’s the best time to hire an interior designer for a project?”

Commercial Business Owners and Developers hire us at the beginning of a project because successful executives understand the value that comes with engaging an Interior Designer early. As strategic creative’s, we have the ability to take projects from initial concept through to completion. This is also true for the Architects and Engineers on the
project team.

At Jewel Toned Interiors we’re huge proponents of collaboration. We believe that the Architecture and Interior Design of any building should go hand-in-hand. A successful project is one that is cohesive from the exterior through to the inside of a space. We intentionally “volley” creative ideas and information back and forth between disciplines.
This is required for a successful collaboration.

As you can see, there is a direct relationship between this exterior bar area and the interior. In the Mangrove dining room, you will find a materials palette that coordinates with the adjacent outdoor space. We’re storytellers and Architectural artists, creating narratives that flow from exterior facade within. When we’re given the opportunity to begin a project at conception, there are fewer headaches and financial consequences for the owner. The entire design team can coact together to build an iconic space.

Where have you seen a successful building design pour into the interiors that had you say “Wow!”? Check out our recent project concept where we collaborated with LDG Architects, coordinating the interior design with the exterior concept they had created. Look for this completed project at the end of 2020!