How Does Interior Design Influence Your Emotions? How Do You Make People Feel?

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There is nothing better than going to your home or workplace when it makes you feel good and stimulates positive feelings. Unknowingly we are always reacting to our surroundings. For instance, the way you feel in a fast food restaurant will not be the same as the way you feel in a fine dining restaurant. Have you ever wondered why?

Interior design has a major impact on your mood and behavior. Something as simple as having access to views of landscapes or beaches promotes higher productivity and focus. If a view is not available, you can still achieve the same effects by avoiding clutter and adding greenery to your environment. 

Lighting remarkably affects your feelings as well. Dim lighting stimulates a more relaxed ambiance whereas high levels have the opposite effect. Furniture and accessories are crucial to the way you feel as they often convey your aesthetic preferences. Selecting furniture or accessories with sharp edges and arranging them in a non-functional way can result in your subconscious alerting you about a potential danger.

Color is considered a principal of design that has been used for decades. Selecting the right colors in a space will depend on its functionality and purpose. Neutral colors are functional for many uses, as warmer colors are mostly used to energize or to increase appetite. Contrarily, colder colors are used to relax and decrease appetite. So the next time you decide to paint your walls in your favorite color, stop for a second and consider that this simple decision may affect your feelings in a subliminal way!