Why Commercial?


We’ve had many people recognize that JTI is making a strong shift towards being a firm focused on Commercial Design.  In fact, we are not taking on any new residential clients at this point in time. Truth be told, the business has been driven by commercial interior design projects since its inception. Last year was our biggest year for residential and those fees still only made up 7.2% of our annual revenue.  “But, why?” you ask.  Well, we’re all about improving the lives of others through the spaces we create.  We believe that by focusing our efforts on spaces that serve the public we are having a larger impact with our time and effort. 

Restaurants are often the backdrop for meaningful moments such as marriage proposals, promotional announcements and celebrating the wins of our life. 

In our overworked and overwhelmed culture, our workplaces have a huge effect on our health and wellness.  Of course, this extends past the four walls and into the company’s culture but that’s a different conversation.

In healthcare environments, people are often stressed about why they are visiting that space in the first place.  We’re very intentional in creating interior spaces that nurture their visitors by providing a haven, instead of adding to the inevitable anxiety of the situation.  

In truth, we remain very involved in residential design, just on a larger scale.  We serve various multi-family clients in developments that range from affordable housing to high-end luxury. Affordable housing projects are close to our hearts as they fulfill an immediate need in most communities.  Our passion is to create and implement interiors that don’t look or feel like they are affordable housing. Since these projects are government-subsidized, the budgets we are given provide a challenge that we enjoy solving! 

I’m working on how I message all of this to new people I meet.  You see, I often hear, “Oh you’re an Interior Designer?!  I LOVE watching HGTV!” I try to delicately inform them that there’s much more to Interior Design than pretty spaces, and intentional design has the ability to transform the well-being of entire communities!