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2022 Color of the Year

Alison SouthBlog, Interior Design

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While in South Florida on business a couple weeks ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with Jewel Toned Interiors for their 2022 Colors of the Year strategy session. Let me say, it was an honor to be a part of this process!  

To prepare for the collaborative session, Founder and Creative Director of Jewel Toned Interiors, Joy Lynskey, asked the Alison South Marketing team to research colors, themes, and significant trends in the world around us. As the graphics team lead at Alison South Marketing Group, I was unsure of what the process would entail, but we got to work! Our team scoured through various media to prepare for our meeting: from Pinterest and social media platforms to Men’s magazines and newspaper clippings.

Spotting color trends in everyday life sounds easy, right? Not so much. Hundreds and thousands of colors, graphics and advertisements constantly saturate our environments. Even as a professional graphic designer, it was difficult to pinpoint what trends I was seeing. Once we started collecting the imagery into piles of documents on my coworker’s kitchen breakfast bar, trends became clearer. And in an instant, a light went off in my head, and we began organizing our findings. 

Joining forces with the JTI Gems on this strategy session is an outstanding highlight of my professional career. Their office space is a dream! We sat around one of the most beautiful conference room tables in a space entirely designed for creativity and collaboration. At the start of the session, we loaded the table with magazine clippings and small objects that both teams presented. Jewel Toned intern, Grace Heimann, displayed her color findings on a large format television for the room to discuss.  

Once completing our initial presentations, we discussed trends of vivid greens that painted earthy and tropical vibes, as well as pastels of whimsical bliss. Our color trends also offered touches of garnets, golds, and teals.

So how did we organize and decide on the colors of the year? Joy and Jaclyn Szerdi Morrison, Partner + Design Director, passed out sticky note pads and sharpies to write buzzwords, moods, and vibes words for each color trend we spotted. Words poured from our conversations onto the colorful clippings as we assigned themes to different colors. Along with our findings, the teams discussed different ways to organize the colors of the months. Haley Weigle, Vice President of the Alison South Marketing, Florida, pitched the idea of organizing the months by their birthstones. The room agreed that the theme matched our color findings. 


From there, the JTI team arranged the magazine clippings, words, and imagery for each month on the wall. Within the hour, our team filled JTI’s conference room with vivid magazine clippings and buzzwords.  The level of organization and deep strategy that goes into this design firm’s color selections amazed me. From intern to owner, the entire team played a role in this research and presentation. 

After creating a mood board for each month in 2022, Joy and Jaclyn asked the Alison South team to choose the official Pantones for the colors we found. The collaboration continued once I returned home to Augusta, Georgia, with text messages, FaceTime calls and phone calls as my team and I chose each Pantone Swatch strategically. While checking against our physical swatches, we collectively chose each color with the mood board’s words and imagery in mind. 

What an honor this entire process has been! We look forward to rolling out our 2022 Colors of the Year soon!