5 Key Considerations of Healthcare Design

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There are numerous issues to consider when designing a space for a healthcare client.  My five key considerations that really make a medical office successful are: 


The overall look and feel of a healthcare space are important to consider.  Most doctors want to put their patients at ease, providing an environment that both welcomes and nurtures those visiting.  Gone are the days of strictly sterile environments of mass fluorescent lighting down never-ending corridors. Healthcare providers have joined many other developers in desiring environments that are hospitable in nature. 


Most healthcare spaces are considered high traffic buildings.  As such, it’s key that the materials selected can withstand the abuse that’s inevitable with spaces open to the public.  Our team reviews the wearability of materials when selecting finishes for any space but, there is a certain level we deem appropriate for such highly used interiors. 


We’re interested in specifying materials withstanding the highest amount of use but, it’s also critical that these finishes are easy to maintain.  From an operational standpoint, the easier a space is to clean then the longer it will stay looking like the initial design intent.  Our team creates a care and maintenance package for all of our commercial projects. This informs the office manager or janitorial team on how to properly care and maintain the space, keeping the client’s vision and our original design intent intact.


Many factors are considered when conceptualizing the Interior Design of a healthcare environment; the region, age and social-economic status of the patients served by the facility is taken into account.  These demographics inform the selection of seating and the overall vibe of the space. Often, we bring the regional component into the art and accessories package, paying homage to its locale.


In the late 19th century, architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase, “form follows function.”  It’s one of the most appropriate quotes to the Architecture and Interior Design industry.  The key functions of space are what really drives the space planning exercises during Phase 1 a.k.a. Schematic Design.  At the onset of a project, our team asks many questions about how space will be used, this is called program development.  It’s also important for us to know what’s currently working and not working in the Client’s existing space.

As you can see, an exceptional Interior Designer considers the five key aspects of mood, durability, maintenance, target market and function in the successful implementation of a new healthcare environment.  The Jewel Toned Interiors Team can work with you and your construction team to create an environment suitable to the needs of your patients as well as your staff. Call our office at 954.774.9565 to set up a free design consultation where we can explore those possibilities! 

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