A Fireside Chat with Craig Huston

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Last week we hosted the Emerging Executives group of the Executive’s Association of Fort Lauderdale here at JTI. We had charcuterie and drinks for our guests and Craig Huston of Huston Consulting Group was the speaker. We had a small group of people so the format was casual and conversational, allowing us to really ask Craig some great questions.


On Personal Development

Strive for mastery, never stop growing! Find a mentor! This person should offer correction and push you to be your best! There are no barriers, only barriers are within your mind. Make a ton of mistakes - just learn from them! Act your wage.


On Entrepreneurship

One of the most difficult transitions is from performing as an individual to performing through individuals. Conversely, the transition from owner to an employee is a very tough one as well! Create an environment where people can make mistakes - the messier the better! Get laser-focused on what you do and who you serve.


On Relationships

Know your clients intimately. The easiest place to get money is through existing clients and the second easiest place is through warm leads. Stay in touch with them and know what they want. Get to know each and every member of your team personally. Really care and show them that you care. Listen better and ask good questions.

Craig has an extensive list of accomplishments starting from a very young age, but I really appreciated his answer to this question:

What makes you the proudest?

"Being married for 35 years to the same person. We’re shooting for 50!"