A Letter of Gratitude

Alison SouthBlog


This month marks the first month of my presidency of the Construction Executive’s Association.  It’s a huge honor, as I’m stepping in as the first female president since the organization was founded back in 2001.  I’ve spent the past month reaching out to Past Presidents, learning about their experience, and finding out what I can do to make CEA better during my term.


I want to personally thank Thomas Walsh, President of JJW Construction for advocating that I attend that first meeting back in 2014. In addition, Rob Kornahrens, owner of Advanced Roofing, I appreciate your ongoing support and for encouraging me to join the board (although I really wanted you to stay on it!)  Mike Bruner, it was you who really put me in this position, as you voluntold me to be our secretary four years ago. Another massive message of gratitude to Patrick Kibler, CEO of Grycon, who paved the way for me to have a powerful year as our organization’s Immediate Past President.  Finally, Stacey Miller, owner of Landmark Services, you are the unsung hero, diligently working in the background to make sure things run smoothly and without hiccups.  You are the true backbone of our organization!


As a female leader, I’m proud of my “soft” leadership skills, I’m also comfortable with getting uncomfortable. In the past, Patrick Kibler always encouraged me in that CEA is an organization for growth and development, and our conversations need to challenge and push us, often outside our comfort zone.

Joy Lynskey

As I take the podium, we’ll be tackling some difficult issues this year including the war on talent, suicide prevention, and the workforce housing crisis to name a few.

Go big or go home, right?!