A Fireside Chat with Craig Huston

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Last week we hosted the Emerging Executives group of the Executive’s Association of Fort Lauderdale here at JTI. We had …

looking over work

Cultivating Creativity

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Why start a business less than a decade into my career you ask? Well, I wanted to create a culture …

working together

Dear Students

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Dear Students, This blog is quickly becoming an annual tradition. I enjoy writing to future generations but I also enjoy …

One Mouth & Two Ears

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As a child, my mom taught me to always ask questions, because people love to talk about themselves! I witnessed …

A Better Way Forward: The Future of Construction

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Last month I had the opportunity to speak with fellow industry professionals on a panel hosted by CBI Worplace Solutions …

company gathering picnic

Playful Picnic

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When we inquire with members of our team about what their favorite part of their job is as well as …

check you ego

Check Your Ego at the Door

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I realize it’s a stereotype but both Interior Designers and Architects can be known to have inflated egos, demanding their …

Cash in the Trash

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Have you bought or renovated a commercial property in the last 25 years? If so, you may be missing out …

2022 Economic Forecast

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Each year since 1961 the Executive’s Association of Fort Lauderdale hosts an Economic Forecast Breakfast. This year we had over …