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Check Your Ego at the Door

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I realize it’s a stereotype but both Interior Designers and Architects can be known to have inflated egos, demanding their way or the highway. It can get in the way of the overall goal of a project and often that way of thinking has a negative impact on a client’s pocketbook. I always tell clients, "At the end of the job, we walk away with pretty pictures and a more robust portfolio but, you have to live and interact with the design decisions we’ve made." That’s why we intentionally consider the client’s point of view throughout the life of the project. Our interior design phases are set up to require client’s feedback and direction at key intervals to make sure everybody is on the same page.

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We’re a boutique interior design firm, meaning our clients get a hands on approach and access to the owners. Another reason we are considered boutique is that we have less than five full-time team members. Given the intimacy and the importance of every person on the team, it’s imperative that we be diligent in our hiring process. I’ve always been told to hire slow and fire fast to protect our company’s culture. I think we’ve got the first part of that down pat and are getting better and better at the second part.

When considering new hires or consultants, an inflated ego is a huge red flag for us. We have an onboarding survey that we’ve created to help weed out arrogance but occasionally a candidate will get a second interview. Typically we’ll catch it in an in-person interview whether it’s the first or the second round.


It’s important not to collapse confidence with arrogance as we do look for people that have a high level of confidence. Confidence will take them far, as our Designers present in front of clients and need to hold their own. We also encourage our team to participate in community events, giving back when possible. That kind of involvement requires a high level of confidence since you can encounter a wide range of circumstances. So, do you think it’s important to check egos at the door?

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