Color Theory

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When I was a student at the University of Florida, the department chair, Dr. Meg Portillo, was very passionate about color theory. She spoke about it to everyone, and after being in the interior design industry for a few years, she even wrote a book about it and asked me to support her with imagery. It was fun to collaborate with her, providing her with images from past projects to support her content.

My thoughts on the Crayola 8:

Although not typically considered a color, black is one of my favorite hues! Its deep tone is sophisticated yet simple.

Blue is stable and calming. It reminds me of the Dukes, my pet name for my parents!

Green is nurturing and grounding - quite literally, I try to walk barefoot on grass for five minutes a day but often forget to take part in this practice!

Purple is passionate and regal to me. It reminds me of Easter.

I find red to be powerful, yet it reminds me of love. This color is extra special to me because all of my kids have red names.

Orange is energetic and invigorating to me - I have a special affinity for this color (or perhaps fruit) as a Floridian!

Again, not technically a color, but white is great to provide balance to other colors. It lands for me as bright and crisp.

For me, yellow is cheerful and welcoming!

Many of our feelings about color are culturally driven. Certain colors remind us of our nation’s flag and/or political affiliations. They can also be nostalgic. My parents both loved the color blue and used it both outside and inside my childhood home. They also wore this color often, so it’s a very nostalgic color for me!

Green is also a very sentimental color for me since we spent our weekends on a canal at Lake Okeechobee. Cypress trees encircled the property, and the canal itself had cattails, lily pads, and algae on top, making it appear very green.

What’s your favorite color? What kind of emotions does it evoke within you?