Creating A Backdrop For Memories

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joy lynskey

Our team realizes that the public spaces we design become the backdrop for many people’s memories.  This is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.  We appreciate that the architectural movement, as well as the selections of materials and finishes, will color the nostalgia of intimate interactions that include birthday parties, bridal showers, and even marriage proposals! 


That’s why we consider the scene from every angle within the space and challenge one another in pushing a design forward. Key viewpoints are strategically highlighted by changes in color, texture or finish.  Our team is passionate about creating interiors that are engaging upon a person’s  initial interaction and yet memorable for many years to come. 


We enjoy incorporating trendy elements that appeal to the style and time period in which we originally design the space.  However, we know that our clients value a timeless approach so that they get longevity out of the spaces we design.  Paint, large scale graphics, decorative lighting and accessories can be easy ways to add trendiness to an interior environment without “breaking the bank” for the long run


So how do we make sure that what we’re designing to serve our client as best as possible?  Well, that’s easy, we challenge one another! It’s my opinion that two heads are exponentially better than one so that’s why collaboration is built into every activity and phase of our projects. 

Does something stick out within your mind when you consider your favorite memories? If so, please share!  We’d love to hear about it.  Heck, that inspiration might fuel one of our future projects!


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