Crisis Cultivates Creativity

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As a child, if you ever told my dad you were bored he’d immediately answer with “Only boring people get bored.”  Although my five siblings and I lament over hearing that phrase many times throughout our childhoods, I believe there’s some truth to that statement.  With intentionality and mindfulness, what could be considered boredom could actually be the perfect time for creativity.  

Did you know that the game Candy Land was invented during the polio epidemic in 1949?  Eleanor Abbott, a young San Diego school teacher, invented Candy Land. She hoped to give the immobilized children around her a momentary sense of freedom and mobility.  Sixty-five years after the polio disease was eradicated, Candy Land continues to be one of the most popular board games of all time. 

Image via The Atlantic

Amidst the messages of fear and panic brought about by mainstream media during this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve discovered several incredible displays of creativity across the globe.  Here’s a sprinkling of what I’ve discovered both organically and with a little research in just the past thirty days: 

Students of Berklee create a virtual orchestra, performing What the World Needs Now:

Image via CBS Boston

One of my favorite local street artists, Nate Dee, created this coloring page for people to use: 

Image via Facebook

In Venice Beach, a wonderfully talented artist named Pony Wave painted this mural of a couple kissing through floral face masks.   The artist is seen sitting in front of her work.

Image via Instagram

You may have heard of the incredible concerts taking place on Italian balconies, often right at 7 pm sharp.  Participants have referred to it as “a nationwide concert to lift our spirits. These musical flash mobs have provided a way for Italians to give  a “virtual hug to Italy.”

Image via The New Yorker

Evelyn Grau, a friend and colleague of mine, did this fun little scavenger hunt with her children, where they find household items that match the colors provided:

Image via Facebook

 I follow the teachings of John Maxwell and JTI sponsors a Live2Lead event by him and his team each year.  John has an entire series in his Candid Conversations podcasts entitled Leading through the Coronavirus. I highly recommend them!

Image via Facebook

Iranian healthcare workers dance in full protective gear to lighten the mood.

Image via YouTube

I hope your spirits have been lifted by seeing the various ways creativity is shining through what could be considered a dark time. 

Please comment below and share with us any ways in which you’ve discovered your own creativity or share where you’ve seen others display it!

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