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Cultivating Creativity

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Why start a business less than a decade into my career you ask? Well, I wanted to create a culture unlike any other that I had experienced and/or heard about. A company that truly valued collaboration over competition. I wanted to treat both staff members and clients like I want to be treated.

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I’m a firm believer that everyone has creativity within them. Watching my children grow and develop has only reinforced this belief. I see how imaginative they are and how they think outside the box without even being asked to. It’s clear we’re inherently born with problem solving skills and the capacity to create.

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So, if you think about the fact that every member of your team has the ability to come at an issue differently, consider how much a company can transform with a culture of creativity! That’s what propelled me to start quarterly pow wows with my team where titles are dropped and they have the opportunity to voice their opinions about how the company could be stronger. We also have daily quick check-ins with one another so as a team we’re all aware of what others are focusing on for the day. That way, if anyone can alleviate a roadblock or support one another, they know about those opportunities.

looking over work

How do you cultivate creativity as a leader? Be open and honest, authentically sharing your own wins and losses. This goes beyond the open door policy that’s been the hot topics of upper management for years, you have to walk the talk. It’s crazy that I even have to write this, but you need to be human. What do I mean by that? Show up for them. Acknowledge them. Encourage an open forum and the ability to make mistakes. That’s where the creative gold lies!