Dear Class of 2021

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joy lynskey


Dear Students, 

I totally get that the interior design industry looks much different than you originally anticipated when you decided to take on this field of study.  I can only imagine the feeling of uncertainty around what your career will look like. 

But, I want you to consider shifting your mindset.  You, dear class of 2021, are actually pioneers. You are blazing trails that never existed before.  Practically overnight, every space we inhabit became healthcare, meaning the care of the people’s health is of the utmost importance.  The qualifying terms of safety and health have been collapsed and you are embarking into a market that’s at the forefront of this wellness conversation. 

With virtual meetings as the norm, your interview and internship opportunities can now span across state and country borders.  You have access to c-suite executives and business owners like never before.  You can take a gap year and explore other opportunities and grace will be extended by future employers, because well, COVID. 

Interior Design is exhilarating.  It’s constantly shifting, adapting and pushing boundaries.  It’s my belief that we as interior designers have the ability to make the world a better place by creating spaces that heal, nurture, and inspire. 

So please, as you now consider yourself a world changer, be bold, be brave and be open to possibility! 

You’ve got this, class of 2021! 

With admiration, 


UF DPC - Class of 2005