FAT Village, A Hidden Gem


FAT Village is a hidden Gem local to Broward County. This vibrant, upbeat, and artistic area is home to local restaurants & innovative artists. Let’s take a few steps back.: Do we know what puts the FAT in FAT Village? Food, Art, & Technology! Now that we have gotten that out of the way let's dive into my personal experience in FAT Village. Last month we went on a team outing to Chops + Hops (FAT Village location). This was my first time in the area and I was delighted to see all of the boutique-style storefronts. Though, I must admit finding parking was a bit like finding the golden ticket. Once parking is secured, you are in for a good time! From the art to the amenities, this is a location I highly suggest visiting.

The Future of FAT Village

FAT Village has some big changes on the horizon, which is really exciting. The area is set to have a full remodel with a $300,000,00+ budget. After Attending a recent FLDCP Luncheon, I learned more detail about the changes. From aesthetics to functionality, FAT Village will be making a huge shift; focusing on bringing improved housing options, corporate spaces, and local restaurants. While attending the luncheon, I couldn’t help but feel like the developers had one main objective while introducing the new vision of this space. The goal was authenticity! They wanted the feeling of what FAT Village has always been but, with improved amenities ultimately bringing more revenue to the area. Check out the new vision for FAT Village here: https://www.blancacre.com/listings/t3-fat-village

By Devon Atkins, previous Studio Coordinator @ JTI