Trending Design Elements: 5 Top Trends

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Whether we are embarking on a new home design or a commercial interior design project; a top question we receive from clients is, “What is trending right now?” In 2017 some of the existing and well-received trends are here to stay. However, in your home’s design have comfort pieces given way to more formal design elements? Also, what exactly is a bold neutral anyway? Read on to find out and see our predictions of the most popular home décor and decorating ideas for 2017.


Storytelling is here to stay for both commercial design and residential interiors.  A commercial interior must demonstrate the company’s brand identity and define the narrative of their corporate culture.  Let your home decor tell your story.  Artifacts from past travels add visual interest and texture to a space while offering the perfect conversation piece.

Here’s a great quote from Pratt and Lambert’s site regarding the color trends of this year:

“In 2017, color trends go beyond the hues themselves and tell tales of intricate details, of texture, of gloss, of softness, and of sheen. These are the stories that feed our passion. These are the stories that drive our love of color and captivate our souls.”

We really love this quote because in our interior design firm, we use colors to tell stories as well.


More often than any other word our clients ask for a “comfortable” atmosphere.  They want their customers and visitors to feel relaxed and at ease while encountering their interior. Comfortable and functional design elements have been trending and we predict that this will continue to be the case into 2017.


It may seem like an oxymoron but bold neutrals are all the rage this year with the color forecasts of a variety of paint manufacturers.  The highly saturated hues that are trending are neutral in that they coordinate with an array of colors and a variety of textures. We love the flexibility that bold neutrals give a design space.


Gone are the days where your faucet needs to match your door handles, light fixtures and cabinetry hardware.  The metallic elements in your space do not need to be matchy-matchy, instead it is best to coordinate through a related palette of textures and colors.


We are a fan of this one not just because our name is Jewel Toned Interiors – we promise! Our clients are being more and more drawn to the depth of jewel tones, crushed velvet and exotic woods lately.  These elements provide a worldly view and an interior that offers genuine mystery. 

Is there a design trend you would love to see come back? Share with us what you are hoping will be trending or a unique decor idea you employ in your space.