From Chance Encounter to Gala Spotlight: My Journey with the Jewel Toned Gems

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I was honored to be invited to what I knew would be an intimate Gala. Little did I know that I’d be in the spotlight with the Jewel Toned Interiors family. To give you some history, it all began 8 years ago when I met Joy in Chicago at Midway Airport as we were both returning from Neocon. When you meet Joy it’s hard not to immediately connect with her and that’s exactly what happened to us. A few months later I had an opportunity to connect her with a developer who was growing and needed a partner to assist with all phases of their projects. Fast forward, they are now sharing office space together and have completed numerous projects together.

Somewhere in between this time I believe Joy realized the importance of collaboration and partnership. Her best connection to date has been adding Jaclyn as her partner. Together, these two amazing women and their team of Gems are unstoppable.


At the young age of 13, Maureen enjoyed nontraditional hobbies from buying antique furniture at auction with her mother, refinishing furniture to designing and building furniture. After graduating High School her parents rewarded her with her own table saw. She eventually became a professional Forewoman of a commercial woodworking shop. Despite the adversity and sexual discrimination that she faced during these times, it provided her a unique experience and background that most people, yet women ever get to experience. Maureen’s diverse background in design, construction and manufacturing has allowed her many successes throughout her 30+ year career in the industry.  Maureen is able to offer her vast experiences and knowledge with her customers, by providing beneficial products to meet their specific needs. Maureen also has experience working on commercial projects from the ground up and on occasion has been found mentoring tradespeople while on the job site.

Maureen’s favorite saying is, “Tools and Jewels are what make me happy”. She’ll tell you in private; it’s just a funny saying and she has many more tools than jewels!