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Growing up with the name Monica Morrissey the color green was no doubt bound to play a significant role influencing my emotions and response to the color.  Visiting the land of my beloved Father’s people, the Emerald Isle affirmed the cultural tie to the color for me.  The multitude and variation of the color were breathtaking.  The “Four Green Fields” of Ireland has certainly influenced my life over the years. 

As unique individuals our reaction to color is highly personal.  Past experiences, as well as cultural associations (similar to my own) will play a role in how color actually makes us feel.  There are strong associations with the natural world, green grass, fields and trees.  The correlation with nature then gives pause to the sense of relaxation and peace, while at the same time denoting energy, growth and vitality.

The influence of the color green has followed me through life and even into my career.  Several years ago, I worked on a team to help bring a new concept of care for skilled nursing to a Life Plan Community in South Florida.  The Green House Model® of Care is an innovative, growth-oriented approach to providing an environment where elders thrive.  It is grounded in the core values of always having a Meaningful Life, in a Real Home, with and Empowered Staff.  Elders can continue to grow and thrive in this Greenhouse model of care.  I encourage you to learn more about this philosophy of care.  It throws out any notion you may have of a depressing clinical approach to traditional skilled nursing.

Over the years, we know the influence of color in design will wax and wane.  We have seen the resurgence of green’s color influence not only design, but in sustainability, preservation of both natural and man-made resources and now, even the ability to “grow” people and places. Green is a color that transcends the mundane and sparks interest in growth across numerous platforms.

See what the color green can do for you as you explore your dynamic environments and how those “Four Green Fields” can influence your overall wellbeing and level of contentment.  Find joy.  Go Green.

 Monica McAfee is the Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer for John Knox Village, a Life Plan Community located in Pompano Beach, Florida.  She is an experienced senior leader, principal consultant, and is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Budgeting, Advertising, Sales, and Entrepreneurship. Monica’s goal is to create partnerships with the greater community that can be shared with prospective residents, promoting the active, independent lifestyle residents enjoy while providing award-winning short and long-term rehab care and showcase lifelong learning programs.   

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