Harmony vs. Balance

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"I don’t know how you do it!" is a phrase I've heard often and I gotta tell you, it perplexes me. I believe people who say this are trying to be complimentary, often this sentiment is felt. However, other times it feels like judgment. You see, if someone was really concerned about how you get it all done, they would say, "How are you doing?" That kind of check-in would mean the world!


The whole concept of work-life balance is a silly one for me, it's never going to be wonderfully 50/50, meaning it's not about being perfectly balanced. The world is not black and white but rather full of many vivid colors. What I find is a healthier way to look at this is by focusing on having harmony. Consider a song that really makes you move, there’s a variety of musical notes at different points in the song! Or what about your favorite dish at a restaurant, the ingredients are always combined, in varying proportions! Finding the ability to feel fulfilled in both your personal and your professional life is key.


To be able to find harmony requires some soul searching for what that looks like because it’s different for every individual. For me, it’s all about intentionality. Don't look at it as a compromise as much as being priority-focused. Explore what non-negotiables you have and STICK TO THEM. What lifts your spirit and what breaks you down? Do a brain dump and get all of this out on paper if you have to. A big part of being successful is sharing those deal breakers with others in your circles so they can both honor your boundaries and keep you accountable.


I’m curious, do you feel like you live a balanced life? What about sensing harmony? Do you feel like that’s possibly more present in your life?