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Holistic Wellness (Considering Wellness in the Design of Multi-Family Spaces)

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Recently, we’ve amped up our multi-family portfolio with projects that range from low-income housing developments to high-end luxury and even senior focused apartment complexes. Due to COVID, some of the other facets of our portfolio have been placed on hold.  Since we have the capability to serve multiple industries with our diverse range of projects, we’re grateful to remain busy during this time.


I’ve mentioned in other blogs that wellness is the foundation for all of our interior design. When most people think wellness however, a spa or a fitness center comes to mind. While that may be at the forefront of our minds using soothing colors with natural light and biophilic elements, why can’t these concepts be integrated elsewhere?


When we design the amenity spaces for multi-family developments, wellness is the core of our architectural and material movements. There are three key concepts we integrate into our interior design decisions.


1. Entrance Impression


How do you want people to feel when they first enter into the space? Buildings can be confusing. We strive to make the entrance a comfortable and welcoming space by space planning an easy to navigate leasing zone and wayfinding through the use of graphics and materiality to support tenants to get to where they want to go.


2. Sound


Acoustics are a huge part of design that is mostly unseen. A loud environment can be disruptive and could be the deciding factor for whether or not a potential tenant signs a lease. For that reason, we utilize architectural elements and materials to either absorb or reflect sound depending on the function of the space. For example, the clubhouse can be a little louder since it is for gatherings whereas the library and business center must offer a quiet setting, suitable for head’s down time for either work or studying.


3. Materials


Finishes play a huge role in the perception of how a space can feel for a tenant. Colors and textures can make a person feel more comfortable and relaxed or energized and happy. The very makeup of the material itself can impact the health of residents. We pay close attention to sustainably and locally sourced finishes with low VOC emissions and recyclable content.


If wellness is important to you in the design of your multi-family development, we are a WELL accredited firm and can support you in obtaining a WELL certification. Multifamily residential projects are now able to pursue WELL if they contain at least five dwelling units in a single building with common structural elements. Do you live in an apartment complex with amenity spaces? How do they make you feel? Tell us about it below!

Jaclyn Szerdi Morrison