Infatuated with Facets

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I’ve noticed a huge trend in both interior design and fashion design with facets.  Angles connect other angles to create various three-dimensional forms.  Maybe I’m drawn to them because they have a jewel-like quality but more than likely, it’s the asymmetry and dynamic nature they possess.

I’ve had my eye on this lamp by Nate Berkus for Target for a few weeks.  Now that it’s on sale, I think I will bite the bullet and buy one with a gold rimmed lamp shade to bring a little bling to our cobalt blue master bedroom.

An architectural surfacing company out of Minnesota manufactures these amazing wall sculptures that are beautiful for residental design or commercial design. 

They come in a variety of finishes and can be fabricated with built-in LED lighting to provide an incredible feature wall.

Artist Tim Nasseri created a drawing called One and One for Maharam Digital Projects.  Although this design is based on precision while the other products are less controlled, it is extraordinarily beautiful in its own right.

Check out this fabulous iPhone case by Krizzana available through Etsy.

Facets + Emerald Green + Wood looking texture = Gorgeous!

Here is an innovative design incorporating a material that is typically considered a “hard” surface. German designer Elisa Strozk creates textiles out of wood. The patterns are more symmetrical and geometric in nature, but once the textiles bend they create larger facets that take on a life of their own!

I had my own hand designing with facets when I created this cover page image for JTI’s Facebook page

Have you noticed this trend too?  Are you loving it as much as I am?