Nicaragua Part 2: Inspiration

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As you saw in our first blog post about our mission trip to Nicaragua, we hit the ground running with our murals for the children at the school. Little did we know, we had an even bigger challenge ahead!

On our second day, we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Laura Parajón who started AMOS with her husband  David Parajón. They presented a slideshow and video explaining in more detail why they started AMOS and what it has become in the past 20 years. When the presentation was over, Dr. Laura’s director of development and communications, Christy Lafferty, approached us with a task after learning there were interior designers within the mission group. She wanted our team to create and paint a mural on a large blank wall (20′-0″H X 45′-0″ approx.) outside their training room.

(Left to Right) Devin Chase, Christy Lafferty, Joy Lynskey, Dr. Laura Parajón and Jaclyn Szerdi
The wall “before”

That night during dinner, we sketched an idea that incorporated the land of lakes and volcano’s. After waking up the next day bright and early to get paint from the market, our team sat and starred at the large wall for 30 minutes. We contemplated whether or not we could do this task in just one day (note that we had only one ladder). With other mission team members by our sides, we decided to just GO!

Devin and Joy taping the wall “Nicaragua” style
Progress image of the mural
Jaclyn and Joy perfecting the AMOS logo
#JTIGems #JTItravels

It took the entire day and we still do not know how we finished, but we dropped our paint brushes right before dinner was served! Finishing this mural was a huge accomplishment for our team. Dr. Laura and Christy were beyond excited and could not believe what we had completed in 8 hours.

The sketch for our wall
The finished product

As a team our hearts were full of love. The smiles on the AMOS employees as they walked by the mural was so gratifying. We gathered after finishing the next day with the entire AMOS team as well as everyone in our mission group in front of the mural. The AMOS technology department chair said a few words that brought tears to our eyes, encouraging the growth of creativity. We will never forget this place and look forward to the next mission trip to AMOS to hear about how the mural has influenced others to grow.

Our awesome team!