Love In Interior Design


To continue the love theme of February, I wanted to show some ways I display this concept in the decor in our house. In my home, most of the artwork on the walls was purchased while my husband and I have been traveling and a lot of it is related to this wonderful word. This plaque was bought in Newport, RI where we lived one summer while working on a private yacht.

This painting was bought at an art gallery in downtown Savannah – a city bursting with creativity and amazing pieces of art.   Although a very moody painting, it shows how love spreads from one person to another and works well with our overall home design.

It would be hard to find another music group that covered this four letter word as much as the Fab Four themselves.  These prints now reside at the JTI Studio!

Bought on a trip to Santa Barbara in 2012, this little piece always brings a smile to my face when I look at my home decor.  Ironically, California is not represented on any of the license plates!

Our wedding present from Captain Neil: a painting commissioned by the lovely and talented Casey O’Connell.  I absolutely adore her style and it would be a dream to have many more of her pieces throughout our home.

Do you have any other ideas of how to integrate the concept of LOVE in interiors?