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Making a “Wish” Come True

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By Megan Sarlouis

Project Designer

Over the past year, many of us have been living in a state of uncertainty, battling against the coronavirus and all of its circumstances. Imagine being a child at this time, not understanding what the world has to offer. Now imagine being a child with a critical illness, one that makes you even more scared and unsure of how to navigate this new normal. That is the reality of many Make-A-Wish kids. Make-A-Wish tries to change that perception and offers hope, while fulfilling the wishes for many sick children throughout the country.

When we were asked to be a part of a “wish” for a young boy in our community, we jumped at the opportunity. How selfless is it that we are able to invest our time and energy in an experience that will alter the course of a Wish Child’s life, forever? It didn’t take long for us to say ‘Yes, absolutely!” Boys at his age ordinarily ask for a trip to a theme park, cruise ship vacation or maybe a meet and greet with a celebrity. However, this child’s Wish was to transform his room into a glowing system of a million stars— a Galaxy!

Make a Wish

Giving of our time, talent and resources creates a multi-generational ripple effect. We look for ways to use our assets to make a difference in our community. In this specific case, we used our professional experience to charette together as a team, creating a concept that would surpass his expectations while sticking to the budget we were given. We wanted to create a space that could transport him visually somewhere else when he was struggling mentally or physically.

Make A Wish 2

We worked to create a finish and furniture board that we would later present to him for approval. We used rich, dark colors for the furniture and highlighted that with bold purples and blues. Of course, no galaxy would be complete without a Milky Way, so we added a starry galaxy light to help illuminate the space at night. We finished the look with fun touches like a lava lamp, bean bag chairs and a plasma lamp. After getting an overwhelming approval from the family, we sourced each of the items and coordinated the purchasing, warehousing and installation of each piece.

jewel toned interiors - galaxy room

Here at Jewel Toned Interiors, our team is always looking for ways we can use our creative talents for good. We understand the spaces we create have a lasting effect on the daily lives of the people who use them. Well-designed interiors have the ability to inspire, transform, excite and invigorate. In part, when a Wish comes true for a "Make-A -Wish" child, it can unlock a life-changing power to offer hope, strength and renewal. We hope this room renovation will offer this young boy the dreamy visions he needs to launch him in his path to wellness.

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