Nourishment – A Collective Wellness Series

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If you want people to feel energized, focused, and productive, you’ll want them eating a nutritious, balanced diet that supplies them with the nourishment their bodies need to succeed. Encourage better eating habits and a healthy food culture!


I write down every day in my journal, I love, respect and nourish my body. I believe in the power of food and how it affects your energy, mind, psych and overall performance. This component of the WELL Building Standard is around designing environments that have access to healthier food choices that are also transparent in nutritional value.

I am not a nutritionist nor a health professional, however, I do know that your health and your nutrition are directly related. Diet-related health problems, which include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers, continue to persist at high levels, alongside the increasing global prevalence of overweight and obesity.

(World Health Organization. Diet, nutrition, and the prevention of chronic diseases-Report of the joint WHO/FAO expert consultation. 2003.

So how can we empower individuals to make healthier choices in the spaces we create? We can design dedicated eating spaces, so people are not eating at their desk and encourage social interaction. Promote healthy food options with available fresh fruits and veggies for hotel guests as they exit and enter the building. As well as limit access to processed foods and show allergy food labels. 

We can go a step further by supporting our local community and using our resources close to home based on what is in season. This then helps improve the reduction in pesticide use as well as sourcing foods with fewer hormones and antibiotics. We can make a large impact not only in the spaces we create but by providing access to make a healthy choice, an easy one. I encourage you to read the first two blogs, Air and Water, if these wellness concepts are interesting to you!

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