Company Charter

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At the direction of executive coach Kelly Townsend with Townsend Consulting Group, we are proclaiming a new future for our company and have written a charter that declares who we are and what we are up to:

We are a licensed interior design boutique that provides an exceptional level of creative and professional service. We design stunning commercial and residential interiors while fostering a collaborative, innovative and fun working­­­ environment. 

Our combined strengths and ideas are building blocks that challenge one another and provide unique solutions.  By actively listening, our valued interpretations create environments that consider each client’s unique statement, financial commitment and functional concerns for their design project.  These completed interior and exterior spaces provide a sensory experience and an emotional connection that inspires pride of ownership and self-expression.

We are a dedicated team committed to producing extraordinary results and supporting one another through authenticity, integrity and compassion.  As visionaries, we value and appreciate our client’s trust which results in work that exceeds expectations.

Our ability to develop strategic partners and form conscious connections is imperative to future growth and success.­ We value and nurture our relationships. As socially aware citizens, we utilize our resources to make a difference in our community.